Shower V Bath – Which One Do You Prefer?

Last year I wrote a piece about whether toilet paper should be fed from the bottom or over the top of the roll. To say it created quite a shit storm of comment would be an under statement. It was amazing the strong feeling generated by each camp. Who would have thought that the orientation of the feed would create such controversy.

But where do you stand on the shower V bath issue?

bath 3

As a baby, toddler and dare I say a good portion of primary school the bath was the only option. Now the bath could also take many forms. The kitchen sink or a wash basin was used on occasions when a more formalised and permanent repository for water was unavailable. None of our tax deductions seemed to care as long as a floating toy was available.

As a water saving initiative the bath has no peer. To save on water one child after another would have a turn at sharing the skin flakes of their siblings. But the real treat was when they got to share the water together. In a funny sort of way I think they’ve all grown a little closer for the experience.

The thousands spent on therapy have been worth it. You can hardly notice the mental trauma or twitching these days when a tap is turned on.

Speaking for myself I can’t seem to clearly remember when it happened but at some stage during my own primary school years I found myself standing under a stream of water instead of luxuriating in my tub. Over the years it is the shower that has become the norm simply because of it speed and efficiency but every now and again I treat myself to the sensation of lying in my own filth. Especially after a hard day on the tools, a bath with salts and a beer to wash away the dust is one of life’s simple pleasures.

bath 2

The bath truly is one of life’s great escape destinations. To take the time to be with ones self (or with a loved one) and to not give a toss about what is happening outside the closed door. The shower just can’t capture the same experience.

bath 1

And if I’ve remembered when first running the water I’ll be accompanied in my bath by a gigantic array of bubbles with which to form into all manner of objects. Truly, is there anything that feels better than a bubble bath beard?

How about you – Is it a bath or a shower that floats your boat?

Would Jesus Flourish On Social Media

If he was alive today and wanted to get his message out … Would Jesus flourish on social media or would he struggle to have his words, thoughts and philosophies heard above the white noise generated on the Internet?

As an exercise in thought I’ve often wondered this. Taken literally and transformed into today’s world how would a carpenter from the middle east create enough interest to go viral?

Would he have a Facebook page, Instagram or a Twitter account? What would be his hashtag? If he did what would he do to generate followers. Would Jesus set up a website, create memes and vines, write a blog or contribute to online chat rooms and webinars?

Would Jesus Flourish On Social Media 1

Would his message of loving your enemies in the current climes of the Palestinian / Israeli impasse be taken as the limited ravings of an all together out of touch nobody looking to generate his own 15 seconds of fame. Would there be latent suspicions of his intentions given his nationality and language. Would the brush of racism paint him as a dark skinned extremist?

What if the miracle of turning water into wine was captured by a smartphone and uploaded onto YouTube. Would it be considered nothing more exciting than the hundred of magicians who have uploaded similar tricks. A clear liquid transfered into a dark one. Ho Hum.

How about raising the dead or walking on water? Can you imagine the ridicule, fear and panic that would generate. Feeding a multitude of people with just a few bits of bread and a couple of fish? Yeah right. The Internet is filled with doctored video’s and outlandish claims. Social media would have a field day.

Would Jesus Flourish On Social Media 2

At the very best he might be considered eccentric, maybe a harmless buffoon or a novelty.

At worst, would a comparison be made with the modern television evangelical crusaders? Or would history repeat itself and he be considered a dangerous agitator and enemy of the state. Someone who must be eliminated.

So would Jesus flourish on social media? I honestly believe that if Jesus was given all of the electronic tools available today would struggle to have his message and teachings heard. As a society we are just too cynical to believe.

I raise these points not to deliberately offend anyone or generate controversy. If I have I apologise and ask your forgiveness.

Instead I write this as a way of acknowledging and admiring the people who have a deep belief in their Christian faith. It is something as a lapsed catholic that I do not share. The spectre of the church as an institution and the foul, deceptive and disgusting behaviour of it’s leaders have seen to that.

Easter means many things to many people. For some it is about the resurrection of Jesus and all that it entails. For others it’s simply a break from work. A four day weekend with chocolate and the time to spend with family. A chance to recharge.

Whatever it is for you and your’s – Happy Easter.

Twinterview – Elizabeth Scala – Spiritual Practice Nurse

Elizabeth Scala

I first came across Elizabeth Scala via twitter and immediately I was captivated by her philosophy on life and nursing. I could rattle on for ages here but it’s much better to read Elizabeth’s own words. If you click here you will be taken directly to her website.

Here’s just a little of what Elizabeth has to say

        • Nursing is a phenomenal profession, a beautiful blend of art and science.
        • Every nurse is blessed with a gift to compassionately care on a daily basis.
        • We must take care of our caregivers for they truly are healing our globe.
        • Global transformation is possible, but it starts at the individual level.
        • You and I can and will change the profession of nursing, from the inside out.



If you’re new to the concept, a Twinterview is an Interview that I conduct over Twitter. I cold call (Tweet) people who I’m interesting in talking to and hopefully ask questions that are not like the standard interview ones they get asked over and over again. 7 tweets – 140 characters. No waffle allowed!

elizabeth scala


FHG: What’s your opinion on the following statement? “Nursing is a science, not an art. The patient expects clinical excellence not hand holding”

ELIZABETH SCALA: Art & science are one. Just because numbers on a screen say ‘all clear’ the tone, energy & vibe from the patient can paint another picture

FHG: What’s the 1st thing that pops into your mind when you hear each of these words – Joy, Passion, Defeat, Revenge, Depression, Fear, Sin, Love

ELIZABETH SCALA: Hmm… polar opposites of fear & love. Emotions based on one side or the other. To choose to let go of fear, invite love. #nursingfromwithin

FHG: Are people born to be a nurse or can “it” be taught? Is it Nurture or Nature? Is it an innate quality or can it be developed / moulded?

ELIZABETH SCALA: A bit of both. I never ‘wanted’ to be a nurse. And now I AM and live/love it. All great things can be taught to those who look to learn

FHG: A bit about you; your fav – Vacation Destination, TV show, Muppet Character, Cheese, Breed Of Dog, Author, Musical Style, Dessert, Flower

ELIZABETH SCALA: I <3 Cape May, NJ! Don’t watch TV. I love the Animal. Swiss cheese rocks. Pit Bulls are #1 (I have two). best band to jam to moe. Chocolate!

FHG: ES – Can you define and encapsulate your philosophy of nursing in 140 characters please

ELIZABETH SCALA: Nursing from within. Our inner perspective creates our external environment. Want to enjoy nursing? Enjoy yourself first and foremost.

FHG: Cheer or Boo: Acupuncture, Horse Racing, Ground Beef, New York City, Rolling Stones, Grapefruit, Social Media, Reiki, Fireworks, Spiderman

ELIZABETH SCALA: To each? Cheer: acupuncture, NYC, Rolling Stones, Reiki, fireworks.

ELIZABETH SCALA: Indifferent on grapefruit: I don’t eat it and on Spiderman as I don’t watch TV. I don’t eat ground beef, but others can do what they want

FHG: Last Q. Who puts the fire into ES? If you could have a dinner party with any three people from any era who would they be & why choose them?

ELIZABETH SCALA: The hard questions! Mother Teresa since she said “I will never attend an anti-war rally; if you have a peace rally, invite me.”

ELIZABETH SCALA: Two, Buddha. Just overall the energy. The philosophy. The insight. And the peaceful nature of calm.

ELIZABETH SCALA: And 3, Madonna. Powerful, proud, strong. Grounded. Great artist. Creative and authentic. Musician and entertainer. Qualities I aspire to.

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