The Kiva Pigs Loan Has Been Repaid

Last week in my inbox I received notification that my micro loan to my KIVA borrower for the purchase of pigs had been repaid.


Huh? I hear you say. What in the dickens is KIVA and why did you lend them money to buy pigs.

KIVA is an organisation that facilitates the funding of money for worthwhile causes throughout the world. It’s a brilliant concept.

For as little as $25 dollars you can be part of a team that providers a micro loan for all sorts of reasons. It could be for school fees, fertilizer, farm animals (such as pigs) or any other scheme that benefits the borrower and more times than not their family as well.

Over a period of between 6 and 24 months the loan is paid back and once all repayments have been completed you simply re-lend the original $25 to another KIVA borrower. I’ve just done this and would like to share with you Nelly’s story taken off KIVA’s website.

kiva 4

Señora Nelly is 44 years old, and a widow with 3 children. She works in her business, raising and selling animals, and she also works in agriculture. She raises and fattens guinea pigs and hens, selling them later in the different markets; and it is by means of this little business that she provides for her children. Nelly’s dream is to have a store where she would be able to sell the guinea pigs and hens. She is requesting a loan in order to purchase guinea pigs and hens, and feed for them.

She belong to the Ccolque T Ikari-Chocopia Communal Bank. This bank is located in the district of Colquepata, which belongs to the province of Paucartambo (Peru) and the department of Cusco. The other members of the Communal Bank are engaged in the business of livestock-raising, animal sales, a grocery store, and a food business.

Now you did read right, Nelly does raise and sell guinea pigs for food. In Peru this is very common. My own cultural sensitivities would not allow me to eat this furry rodent but I am not a struggling farmer in Peru either.

Guinea pigs are considered an excellent source of protein in Peru, Ecuador and Columbia. From an environment perspective, per kilo of meat, guinea pigs are 50% kinder to the planet in terms of the energy required to produce the meat. If you’d like to read more about guinea pigs as a food source click here.

If this little post has piqued your interest to find out more about KIVA then click here to be taken to their homepage. If after reading their blurb you are interested in joining up please do so via my page. As the person who introduces someone to KIVA they provide for me a $25 loan to also give to another worthwhile cause thus doubling the impact. If you’d like to do that click here

This IS NOT a sponsored post – just me


Silly Questions – How To Drink From A Glass

Observational Humour is exactly that. Looking at a thing, event, sound, anything really and twisting around the obvious. It’s what makes up a great deal of the FULLHALFGLASS fodder and frequently has those who fall under it’s ridiculous spell sighing heavy sighs and looking for the exit door. Here’s just one of a thousand silly questions that are begging to be asked.

I’m sure that you like me have over the years been to many training or educational sessions where the presenter has said something like, “There are no silly questions! The only silly questions are the ones that are never asked.” Sound familiar?

The other evening my youngest tax deduction, the Ginger Ninja, asked what some people many consider to be a silly question. I thought it was perfectly reasonable and needed due consideration.

“When using a square glass do you drink from the corner or the side?”

silly questions 1

A fine question and one that had me pondering the answer as I can see both sides of the argument. I decided to answer his question by first providing a brief sociological answer.

The square glass has always been a sign of wealth and prosperity. In cigar smoked boardrooms all over our great land captains of industry have for years swilled their fine whiskeys and cognacs from crystal cut square tumblers. Round glasses were the tool for holding liquids for the commoners. Be they re-cycled Jam or Vegemite jars or six for $4 specials from the local bargain store, round glasses were proudly associated with the working class man.

silly questions 2

Now to the question of drinking …

It really comes down to a case by case basis and revolves around the amount of alcohol consumed and it’s really quite simple.

The more you drink the closer you sip from the corner of your square glass. It’s the best way to stop dribbling down the front of your shirt.

Now if only they could make a square sipper cup for adults…

silly questions 3

Do you have any silly questions rattling around inside your head? If you do let me know. Perhaps somewhere in my twisted and confused brain I might have the answer

Is Your Shopping Trolley Judgemental?

Is your shopping trolley judgemental? What does it say about you?

Last Thursday I had the distinct pleasure of being subjected to a thorough medical examination by my GP.

shopping trolley 3

The week before I had phoned him requesting a simple repeat of my blood pressure medication script. Unfortunately he declined my offer to lighten his load. He would not take my word that all was good and insisted that I present myself, after the obligatory blood test of course, for a “long consultation”

A lovely old chap with warm hands and a gentle touch he prodded and probed externally and internally for a good period of time. The good news is my blood pressure, cholesterol and prostate are all fine and dandy. Unfortunately I do need to have a couple more tests for diabetes and the odd heart flutter. Nothing terribly major, just precautionary.

My GP always insists on me jumping on his scales. What perverse pleasure he gets out of this I’m not exactly sure. While I won’t divulge my exact weight, the BMI scale (if it is to be believed) has me firmly in the obese category. Without actually mouthing the words “You are a fat bastard” the mixture of disgust and disappointment in his eyes said it all. So it looks as if I will be a little more thoughtful about what goes over the lips and into the tummy.

And all this starts at the supermarket.

Now to be honest I have in the past been quite judgemental of others when it comes to what I can see in their trolley. Many has been the time when I have tut tutted at the ridiculous quantity of fruit and veges that some people greedily horde for their own health benefits.

shopping trolley 1

Not me though. I’ve always been a firm believer in supporting the farmers who grow sugar cane and also the scientists locked in their laboratories beavering away with their Bunsen Burners trying to discovery new ways to satisfy my artificial food colouring and preservatives addiction.

Yes, my diet may be unhealthy and yes it may no make sense but by cricky I didn’t get to where I am today just on good looks. A great deal of weakness and a lack of will power has had a little to do with it as well. This my friends may be a problem.

So where to from here. Begrudgingly I suppose I’d better listen to what the old Doc has to say. Exercise and a healthy balanced diet seem to be my only alternative to an early grave and since I’m determined to live forever there really is no choice.

So if you happen to see me loitering with my shopping trolley around the snack food section peering lovingly at the chocolates, chippies and lollies you have my full permission to firmly take a handful of my underdaks and pull them skywards atomic wedgie style. Feel free to follow this up with a firm slap to the face and advice along the lines of … “Go into the room of mirrors and have a good hard look at yourself”.

shopping trolley 2

It will probably be the only way I learn!