Confessions Of A Doona Thief

For those of us who reside in the northern climes this has not been a particularly fierce winter. Yes, the doona has been pulled out from the top of the cupboard to help protect those sensitive parts from the chill night air and crisp mornings. Hot chocolate has been occasionally supped from mugs festooned with any number of witty cartoons and the pleading cries of “It’s a school day, time to get up Ninja” have been met with “just 10 minutes more”.

Apart from the blip which was the State of Origin fiasco when those morally bereft heathens from south of the border stole our 9th successive victory there really hasn’t been much to complain about. Except of course the battle for the doona and by that I mean the battle with the doona thief. Not that I’m complaining myself for I am the doona thief.

doona 2

I’m surprised that someone smarter than me hasn’t applied for a government grant to study the doona and it associated use issues. A PhD in doona studies? How cool would that be.

Most of the people I have spoken to about this issue agree that two people under the same doona just doesn’t work. While sharing the doona may be the common goal of the Receptionist and I when retiring for the evening, the little devil which rests on my left shoulder whispers during my sleeping time – “IT’S YOUR DOONA”

It’s of little surprise then, that through no fault of my own, that come the morn the doona has miraculously wrapped itself cocoon like around my body all the while rejecting the vain attempt of the poor Receptionist to save me from it’s wicked embrace.

Cruel can be her words and accusations that I care not for her comfort. It is far from the truth. But what am I to do when the little control I have is mercilessly stripped from me when I slumber.

Fortunately winter is not a guest who outstays their welcome in Brisvegas town and soon the doona with return to it’s summer hibernation atop the cupboard. Not a moment too soon I say. For while the Receptionist is normally of good humour and jest her fine demeanor is being tested by this most foul of bed coverings.

doona 1

But until that blessed day arrives any advice on how to keep the doona evenly covering us both would be greatly appreciated.

Limerick Sunday – From 10th August 2014

Ok team, it’s Limerick Sunday time. I’ve had a crack at trying to summarise the week that was in five lines. Be kind in your reviews please.

The world has been filled with great sadness this week with the passing of screen goddess Lauren Becall. Best known perhaps for her work with one time husband Humphrey Bogart she was a stunning beauty who captivated film goers for decades.

Limerick Sunday 2

With equal sadness and some confusion we were shocked by the tragic death of Robin Williams. What possess a man to take his own life is beyond my comprehension. It has been interesting to follow the various reports and views expressed by many on websites and social media. The world is a much poorer place for his passing.

Limerick Sunday 3

I also penned a couple of thoughts on Diamond Joe Hockey and his sociological assessment of the poor and their blatant disregard for spending money on petrol and cars. The Pope gets a mention about his trip to South Korea as to does Brissy’s own Ekka taste sensation “The Dagwood Dog”

Limerick Sunday 1


Joe Hockey & The Poor

Diamond Joe Hockey thinks he’s a Czar

A chomping on his Cuban Cigars

Tony says though “Bend Over”

You’ll take this like rover

and leave the poor people drive their old cars


Vale Robin Williams

Robin William’s took his own life

Leaving behind Three kids and a wife

But I shall not judge

How the mind turns to sludge

The black dog causes all sorts of strife


It’s EKKA time – Where the bush meets the city

Have you ever wondered what’s in a dagwood dog

Pigs ears and mashed up baby frogs

would be my best bet

but I shall not upset

Ekka folk with my inane dialogue


Pope Says Mass In South Korea

Pope Frank says “Geez it good to see ya”

I’m a lovin being in South-a-Korea

I can say what I like

go for a ride on a bike

and do it without any fear


Just Like Boggie and Becall

Another great one left us this week

A classy women filled with mystique

Her name was Becall

One of the best of them all

With Bogart falling down at her feet




The best of FULLHALFGLASS for July 2014

July 2014. 

Fullhalfglass has always been about achieving balance… one full half glass at a time. The thing with finding that balance is that the goal posts are always shifting. What was important before is now not as much. What took up only a little bit of time now requires more attention.

Life has got in the way of writing a little over the last couple of months. That’s not a bad thing. It just is. The world has kept spinning and life has continued … quite well. Thank you very much.

july 2014

In last months summary I wrote about “warehousing” the twinterview series for a while. At this stage I cannot see the concept coming back in it’s previous form. Using a crude bang for buck algorithm it cost me a lot in time for very little result. The twinterviews may still happen but they will be less frequent and more focused.

I’m still considering making a few changes and streamlining FULLHALFGLASS down into a genre / theme but still haven’t quite decided what yet. Any feedback on this would be greatly appreciated.

 A few quick stats from July 2014

Number of individual visitors 1204 - (1429 June 1602 May 1523 Apr  2006 Mar  1755 Feb)  

Number of pages viewed 1720 - (2331 June 2177 May  2108 Apr  2953 Mar   2759 Feb)  

Visited by people - 477 cities in 66 countries

Most popular 157 - Should A Nurse Arrange Oral Sex



These may not have been my most popular in terms of views but they are the ones that I enjoyed writing the most. If you haven’t done so yet – check them out.

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A big thank you to everyone who visits, offers support or makes comments. I am always open to suggestions or ideas so feel free to drop me a line if you have any.

Love to all