Is Your Shopping Trolley Judgemental?

Is your shopping trolley judgemental? What does it say about you?

Last Thursday I had the distinct pleasure of being subjected to a thorough medical examination by my GP.

shopping trolley 3

The week before I had phoned him requesting a simple repeat of my blood pressure medication script. Unfortunately he declined my offer to lighten his load. He would not take my word that all was good and insisted that I present myself, after the obligatory blood test of course, for a “long consultation”

A lovely old chap with warm hands and a gentle touch he prodded and probed externally and internally for a good period of time. The good news is my blood pressure, cholesterol and prostate are all fine and dandy. Unfortunately I do need to have a couple more tests for diabetes and the odd heart flutter. Nothing terribly major, just precautionary.

My GP always insists on me jumping on his scales. What perverse pleasure he gets out of this I’m not exactly sure. While I won’t divulge my exact weight, the BMI scale (if it is to be believed) has me firmly in the obese category. Without actually mouthing the words “You are a fat bastard” the mixture of disgust and disappointment in his eyes said it all. So it looks as if I will be a little more thoughtful about what goes over the lips and into the tummy.

And all this starts at the supermarket.

Now to be honest I have in the past been quite judgemental of others when it comes to what I can see in their trolley. Many has been the time when I have tut tutted at the ridiculous quantity of fruit and veges that some people greedily horde for their own health benefits.

shopping trolley 1

Not me though. I’ve always been a firm believer in supporting the farmers who grow sugar cane and also the scientists locked in their laboratories beavering away with their Bunsen Burners trying to discovery new ways to satisfy my artificial food colouring and preservatives addiction.

Yes, my diet may be unhealthy and yes it may no make sense but by cricky I didn’t get to where I am today just on good looks. A great deal of weakness and a lack of will power has had a little to do with it as well. This my friends may be a problem.

So where to from here. Begrudgingly I suppose I’d better listen to what the old Doc has to say. Exercise and a healthy balanced diet seem to be my only alternative to an early grave and since I’m determined to live forever there really is no choice.

So if you happen to see me loitering with my shopping trolley around the snack food section peering lovingly at the chocolates, chippies and lollies you have my full permission to firmly take a handful of my underdaks and pull them skywards atomic wedgie style. Feel free to follow this up with a firm slap to the face and advice along the lines of … “Go into the room of mirrors and have a good hard look at yourself”.

shopping trolley 2

It will probably be the only way I learn!

Insults and Name Calling – Is Blogging Worth This?

I have a thin skin.

As much as I would like to believe that I don’t , I do.

One of the main reasons that I began my blog was to try to attempt to improve my writing style to the point that hopefully one day I would be able to make money from being an author.

Seems as if I have a good way to go as my first attempt to garner any interest from literary agents or publishers has fallen flat. Still, a great many writers have failed at their first attempt so onwards, with hope and conviction to book number 2.

Fullhalfglass has always been an eclectic mix of content. I have

  • interviewed over 30 people in my Twinterview series
  • opened up on aspects of my life and my family and friends
  • published recipes, reviewed movies & eateries
  • have written posts on different aspects of nursing – some of which have been republished
  • tried to be funny and engaging (sometimes falling very flat)
  • very occasionally tried to stir the pot a little

Feedback has always been an important part of this process and the comments that I get most benefit from are those that critique my work. That’s not to say that it isn’t fantastic to receive the positive feedback as well. I love having my ego massaged a little every now and again.

But the one thing that I have never set out to do is to hurt anyone’s feelings either via my published posts or my online comments. If I have inadvertently offended – I sincerely apologise.

So what’s all this about?

Last month one of my posts received 240 (via Reddit) hits in the one day. I’m sure for the big fish out there that’s just a pimple on a pumpkin but for me it was WOW! The post was titled “Why Doctors Aren’t Smart Enough To Be Nurses” and was a tongue in cheek dig at many stereotypical role descriptions within the health care system. I though that I had written it in such an outlandish and fanciful manner that no one would take it seriously. I was wrong.

insult 1


These are just a few of the comments I received …

  • I can tell you this is idiotic, self-serving garbage that is written by someone who needs to do some maturing as an adult and a professional. The writing style and content remind me of a middle schooler who thinks they are clever.
  • The author has an inferiority complex. My mom (a unit secretary) says this all the time, my dad (an RN) shakes his head when she says that a nurse can do a doctors job.
  • The author is a moron!

Now I’m not after any sympathy here. Everyone is entitled to their opinion and if you put it out there then you’re fair game.

What I did find unsettling was the vitriolic almost hatred tone of the comments. These people commenting don’t know me and I don’t know them.

insult 2

The insults and name calling have really had me questioning if the publish button is more foe than friend.

Is this blogging thing really worth it?

What direction if any should I take Fullhalfglass?

Wouldn’t It Be Great If We All Had Taglines

Wouldn’t it be a handy thing if people came with superimposed  taglines. You know the ones I’m talking about – the one’s that appear at the bottom of the television screen with the name of the person and either their title or the reason we are looking at them.

But instead of just that dry data what if we had the power to know what people were thinking or what their real agenda was.

taglines 2

Workplace performance appraisal reviews would be a lot less stressful if we were able to walk into the meeting and clearly labelled under the manager / supervisor waiting there was their perception of you and your work performance.

I next tread lightly. With the risk of a plague of 1,000 sand flies being sent to inhabit my crotch region; gee, it would be darn handy if the 51% of the world’s population who are superior to the other 49% came with superimposed tag lines. Silly misunderstandings about toilet seats and sharing of household duties would be a thing of the past. I think I’ll leave it at that. I can already feel an itch developing in my nether regions so I dare not waken the sleeping giants with further wise words.

Mother’s throughout the world would find that a lot less sleepless nights would be had if bub was clearly labelled with what they thought.

taglines 1

My suspicion is a great deal of night time restlessness is because Mum is watching crap television. Instead of watching inane badly produced soap operas masquerading as drama or considering the latest home shopping unbelievable deal take heed of baby. Squint your eyes and take them out of focus and a hologram in the form of taglines might just appear on their forehead.

“For God’s sake mum if you turn that crap off I promise to consider not crying”

Finally, regardless of political leaning or religious affiliations wouldn’t it be wonderful if the people we elect and follow would either have a tagline of “Yes! Of course I’m telling the truth” or alternatively “No! You’re kidding – I have no intention of doing what I just said.” At least then we would know what we were getting ourselves into and the nasty surprises that seem to be a daily occurrence just wouldn’t happen.

What do you think?

Would superimposed taglines be a good idea?

or would you prefer to continue to rely on trust and your gut feeling?