Month: February 2013

O’Dowds Irish Pub – Rockhampton

Another Tuesday night, a different city and a different Irish Pub.  Last month, while in Emerald I visited the Irish Village.  A very nice Irish Pub, a touch on the pretty side, but an excellent meal with great service was

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Knowledge is Self-Limiting, Ignorance is Bliss

In a previous post I put forward the proposition that it wasn’t necessary for a Nurse to care to be a good Nurse. Essentially it argued that Nurse’s by there very nature cared as a choice and not because it was a

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I’m an Anally Retentive Virgo

Are people really into Horoscopes?  How about you.  As an exercise close you eyes for a second and let me paint you a word picture.  Go on…  close them….  Hey You, yeah, you over there, we will not start until

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Pea and Ham Soup

Got a call from Pat that he and Michelle were at the shops and did I need anything.  I didn’t, but enquired as to why they were there.  Much to my tummy’s pleasure, he told me that they were getting

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