Month: March 2013

Easter Sunday – BBQ breakfast and Eggs

One of the things that I really love is when we can all get together.  Apart from Dan who is in the middle of a shift rotation carting dirt in his Tonka truck in Middlemont and Tom who is some

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Good Friday – Jesus V’s The Life of Brian

A major difficulty in being an anally retentive Virgo is the logical nature of the brain.  Being raised a Catholic and nominally continuing to do so has been a constant battle.  Faith V’s Science, Dogma V’s Flexibility, Tradition V’s Modernization … all have been

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No Longer Obese (but still very overweight) – Weight Loss Reflection 3

Well, it’s been almost two months since the last post on my attempt to lose weight and my stated first goal to move from the Obese to the Overweight category on the BMI scale. Sadly, honestly, I had lost focus of this

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Granma Joan’s Crumbed Chicken

It feels like years ago but when I think about it the images clearly come into focus.  If you ask Dan and Rhiannon and maybe Maddi (Paddy Boy may have been a bit young), one of there fondest memories would

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