Month: June 2013

Refilling your coffee pods

Just a quickie today … We’ve been re-filling our coffee pods for a while now with excellent results.  Not only do we get to grind and use our coffee of choice, we are also kinder on the environment. Have a

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5 Subjects that they really must teach at school

Musing as I’m want to do, my thoughts recently turned to what subjects could they offer in the final years of schooling that they don’t at the moment.  Skills that are practical and easily transfer into the fabric of life’s

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Males nurses are better than female nurses – Anyone disagree?

Now before you get all hot and bothered, let me explain that this statement was voiced by a very distinguished female patient I once looked after during my time as a Rehab nurse.  Voiced is perhaps not the most accurate way of

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Useful advice from Missy Moo

The brazillian’s little ball of hair is a funny little thing dog. With her squished up face and excitable, energiser like bunny bouncing whenever her Mum or Food appear, she is a source of constant amusement.  Missy and I were

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