Month: July 2013

Words that are exactly as they sound

I’ve often thought what a clever lot we humans are. Over the preceding several or more millenniums we have developed a complex system whereby air is expelled over our voice box and sounds emerge that others of our species can

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Nursing – As Explained To An Invading Alien Overlord

Imagine explaining to an alien invader what a nurse does My dear new Alien Overload and Master I see that you have already dispatched some of us who do not meet your requirements and may I say how wise you

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The Lone Ranger – Reviewed

Hi Ho Silver, awayyyyyy … As luck would have it the receptionist and I had the chance for sneaky little date afternoon and so took ourselves off to see The Lone Pirates of the Caribbean Alice in Wonderland Willy Wonka┬áRanger.

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Coffee Pods, Al Pacino & Paul Kelly Songs

Lots of people have said it, but for me when Al Pacino says “Life is too short for bad coffee“, well… who am I to argue. Last week the receptionist and I headed down to a wonderful life place called

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