Month: August 2013

A Father’s Day Special Report – The Male Life Cycle Explained

To reach the exalted title of DAD, takes a hell of a lot more than a just 50% DNA share. Getting there is not easy but the view from the destination once you arrive is spectacular and well worth the

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The best of FULLHALFGLASS for August 2013

Spring is here, the days are getting longer and warmer and FULLHALFGLASS continues to grow. The new series that I introduced called Twitterview has proven to be very popular. If you haven’t read one yet, a TWINTERVIEW is where I interview interesting people over

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TWINTERVIEW – Greedy Smith – Mental As Anything

What’s a TWINTERVIEW? A Twinterview is based on the Twitter concept of limited conversation. All questions and answers are no longer than 140 characters and is capped at 7 questions. Dialogue is short and sharp – No waffle allowed! The

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Forget the Magpies – It’s the Ducks you need worry about

Walking through the shops yesterday I passed by a news stand and there was the local free suburban newspaper. Screamed across banner headlines was the late August seasonal favourite “MAGPIE BOMBING – SEE OUR MAP” Immediately my mind was thrust

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