Month: September 2013

Whatever Happened to the Polly Waffle

The other day while channel surfing I can across an address the Mayor of London, Boris Johnson, was giving to open the 2013 Melbourne Writers Festival. It was quite humorous in its own way but one very small section had

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TWINTERVIEW – Quentin Kenihan – Multi-talented Personality

For many of you, Quentin Kenihan is readily associated with the television journalist Mike Willesee who befriended him as a young child. Quentin has osteogenesis imperfecta which is a congenital bone disorder characterized by brittle bones that are prone to fracture. But

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What’s worse than a Zombie Nurse – A Corpse Nurse

In a previous article I wrote about the Zombie nurse and their predilection for eating the young in the profession. In some ways it was a light hearted attempt to demonstrate a very real problem that exists within the nursing

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It’s an Outrage, a Travesty, a Farce, a Sham & A JOKE!

If ever the situation occurs and the pantry at Castle FULLHALFGLASS is found to be devoid of Jam, cries of  “It’s an Outrage”  can be clearly heard emanating from the jowls of the Ginger Ninja. Now while I can see

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