Month: October 2013

What to expect on your first shift as a Graduate Nurse

That very first shift as a freshly minted, neatly pressed Graduate Nurse can make or break a career. For some it will be a blur, a big bang explosion of new terminology, strange sights and weird smells. For others every

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Man Cave Etiquette: The Rules And Regulations – Part 1

Man Cave Etiquette, it’s sounds like an oxymoron doesn’t it? How in the dickens can there be etiquette in a den of men? Isn’t it just a place where men go to drink, scratch themselves and tell tall tales about

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GRAVITY – A Fullhalfglass Film Review

It’s date night, a rare chance for me and the Receptionist to have a bit of us time. The tax deductions had taken themselves off to see a variety of cultural offerings so the opportunity was there to fight the

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TWINTERVIEW – Debbie Kilroy – Sisters Inside

Debbie Kilroy polarises opinions. To some she is seen as an apologist for criminal behaviour, constantly looking for societal excuses for why people commit crimes and a proponent that no one should receive punishment for or accept responsibility for what they

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