Month: March 2014

Twinterview – Lynne McGranger – Irene From Home And Away

Lynne McGranger For some people mention the name Lynne McGranger and it may not necessarily generate recognition. But say Irene from Home and Away and millions of people throughout Australia and around the world will instantly know who you are

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Random Things You Might Not Know About Me

A question that I frequently ask when conducting a Twinterview (an interview over twitter) with celebrities is to ask them to tell me 3 Random things that commonly aren’t known about them. I’ve had some beaut replies. Did you know

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My Top 5 Favourite Things To Do With A Chicken

If you look carefully at the title of this article you will notice the letter “A” between the words ‘with’ and ‘chicken’. This was purposely put in as my top 5 favourite things to do with a chicken have nothing

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Nurse Advocacy – Is It More Bark Then Bite?

Nurse advocacy is an area of my professional practice that I take very seriously. It is also an area that is making me question my true value as a nurse and it’s role within the healthcare sector. More and more

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