Month: May 2014

Where Have All the Pens And Socks Gone

Where have all the pens and socks gone? Or is it more accurate to ask where DO all the missing pens and odd socks go to? It is a question that has been raised a thousand times before by thinkers

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Things That I Will Never Understand

Things that I will never understand. Sometimes I’ll wake in the middle of the night thinking of the most bizarre things. Often these will form the basis of a post or a nursing article I pen. Last night it happened

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What Exactly Makes Up Quality Nurse Education?

Every Friday on the ABC radio in Brisbane just after the 10:30 news a philosophical discussion takes place between the presenter Steve Austin and the online editor of ethics and religion for the ABC Scott Stevens. Around this time I’m

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Is Big Brother Watching You – A Day At New Farm Park

Is Big Brother watching you? The other weekend The Receptionist and I had the rare opportunity for a little us time. What to do? As we had both been spelling in fertile paddocks with bountiful fare a decision was made

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