Month: August 2014

Should A Nurse Provide Palliative Care For A Relative

Should a nurse provide palliative care for a relative? The answer is No. The answer is Yes. It’s taken me quite a while to formulate my thoughts on this topic. Four months ago my father in law died after a

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Squealed Like A Little Girl

Have you heard the phrase – squealed like a little girl? Often it’s attributed in a negative way. For example “God, did you hear him? He just squealed like a little girl”. A put down of sorts when somebody gets

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My Top 5 Bakery Treats

When the weather turns a bit cold and miserable comfort food should never be far from the mind. With rain and wind howling it’s only natural that thoughts of highly processed and excessively sugary bakery treats present to the frontal

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Confessions Of A Doona Thief

For those of us who reside in the northern climes this has not been a particularly fierce winter. Yes, the doona has been pulled out from the top of the cupboard to help protect those sensitive parts from the chill

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