Month: September 2014

Who Sets Life’s Parameters

Who sets life parameters? Just the other day I caught myself in a moment of reflective self debate. I was helping a man in his mid seventies have a shower and my thought processes went ballistic. Standing there it struck me

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I’m A Lapsed Catholic But Still A Pretty Good Guy

If you look up the term lapsed Catholic it describes a person who is a baptised a Catholic but who is non-practising. That person may still identify themselves as a Catholic and the church can still recognise them as a Catholic.

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I Don’t Know. I’ll Find Out

I Don’t Know. I’ll Find Out A while ago I did a piece on Ernest Hemingway and his often quoted 6 word novel which in some circles is considered a masterpiece. Baby shoes. For sale, never worn. Click here to

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Three Brilliant Futurist Money Making Ideas

Today I’m going to have a crack at being a futurist. Not a futurist with grand ideas of making the world a better place where poverty becomes obsolete and food and drink abound for all. No, I’m talking about a

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