Month: October 2014

Ways to Cool Down Without Air Conditioning

Brisvegas, God bless her, is beginning to show her summer teeth again. Ways to cool down without air conditioning need to be found for not every home, school or work situation is blessed with the ability to artificially reduce the

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Every Day I Wake…

Every now and again I come across a post that discusses all the things that people are thankful for. Mostly they are very sweet and thoughtfully written. Many are touching and heart warming and are sincere in content and meaning.

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HOY! A Blood Death Sport For Geriatrics

Have you heard of HOY! No? I hadn’t either until I visited my dear old mum (Granma Joan) last week at her residential facility where she has lived for the last year or so. In its simplest form HOY! is

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The Void Between Sport Seasons

This time of the year really sucks. It’s sport season limbo. Purgatory on earth. That horrible time between the end of the footy season and the start of the cricket year. I’m not as blessed as some in that the

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