Month: November 2014

HAZAR! – 22 Years Of Schooling Done And Dusted

Hazar! After twenty two years of continuous compulsory formal education the last of the four tax deductions finished school last Thursday. HAZAR!!! If you didn’t hear me the first two times HAZAR!!!!!!!!! Do I sound a little pleased with myself?

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My Top 5 Simple Inventions Of All Time

In the hectic day to day existence that is our lives do you like I forget to take just a moment or two to smell the roses? I know that sometimes with the hurly burly of getting from A to

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One Last Crack At This Blog Thing

After much procrastination I’ve taken out another 12 months subscription for FULLHALFGLASS. I seriously considered winding it all up and moving on to something else but I reckon I’ve got a bit more in me that needs to be said.

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