Month: May 2015

5 Fun Ways To Exploit Your Children

Is it really a bad thing to exploit your children? I say no! In fact I’ll go further then that. As a responsible parent I see it as my duty, nay a PRIVILEGE to have the genetic right of wringing

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Is Trust Just Another Four Letter Word

A while ago I wrote about integrity being the most important quality a person could have. I still stand by this. As a society though the most important attribute and one that is constantly eroded has got to be trust.

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Budget Taxes Rejected By Joe Hockey

Well, this year budget is done and dusted. THANK GOD!!! Gentleman Joe Hockey, on behalf of budgie smuggling Tony Abbott and his merry men, has delivered the sleep inducing 2015/16 Federal budget. Labour’s very own court jester of economics Bustling

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My 500th Post – Time For Some Navel Gazing

My 500th post! Who would have believed it? HAZAR!!! When I started this blogging journey two and a half years ago I did so with the good intention of …. Well, to be honest, it was all a bit foggy

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