Month: July 2015

When Does My Wife Trade Me In

In today’s current disposable age I’ve often wondered how long it will be before the question is asked “When does my wife trade me in?” A silly question? Or is it? Bigger, better, faster, newer, shinier. We are lucky, or

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I’ve Decided I Don’t Want To Work Any More

It’s official. Last Wednesday night I decided that I don’t want to work any more. I can pin point the exact time it happened. Queensland’s own laughing assassin Jonathan Thurston had just booted another sideline conversation to take the mighty

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Why Isn’t Palliative Care Planned Like A Wedding

Life is full of exciting events. Conception. Birth. Christenings. Graduations. Weddings 18th/21st/40th/50th/etc Birthdays. Yet not as much thought or excitement is given to the ultimate destination event – Death. It should be. In many ways good, well thought out and

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