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Why A Nurse Is Similar To A Pet Rock

A wee time ago the must have craze that swept the nation was to be the proud owner of a pet rock. Tony Abbott had one recently until it went all rogue on him and organised a chopper ride but

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Why Isn’t Palliative Care Planned Like A Wedding

Life is full of exciting events. Conception. Birth. Christenings. Graduations. Weddings 18th/21st/40th/50th/etc Birthdays. Yet not as much thought or excitement is given to the ultimate destination event – Death. It should be. In many ways good, well thought out and

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Nursing Is All About What?

It’s an interesting question and one I have been grappling with for a while now. Nursing is all about what exactly? Increasingly I am being asked to wear more and more hats which would be fine except I only have

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It’s About Time Nurses Had A Patient Free Day

Those mighty souls in the teaching profession have it just about right. Several times a year they have a pupil free day where they have the opportunity for professional education / planning without the stress or burden of enlightening kiddies

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