Perhaps you’ve stumbled in here as the result of a search engine enquiry… entered the term “Glass Half Full” or “Glass Half Empty” and here you are.  Maybe you’ve been here before and if you have thanks for coming back.

So what’s this site all about?  It’s about a few things …

  • It’s about my experiences in Nursing and as a Nursing Teacher.  My chance to share some stories and experiences that I’ve had and to give my own view and opinions about the caring profession.  Hopefully it will get people thinking, maybe disagreeing, hopefully sharing.
  • It’s about me and my quest to achieve a balanced life.  I liked to think of myself as a pretty positive sort of guy who looks at life as being a Glass Half Filled instead of a Glass Half Empty.  A bit like a racehorse with blinkers.  Able to see the finish line but perhaps not appreciate what was going on around him. Slowly but surely, I’ve come to realise that I’ve actually been looking at it from the wrong way round.  I’ve been frustrated with only half glasses, because I always felt there was more.  Like the blinkered racehorse, looking ahead but taking in what was around me.  In just about all aspects of life, everybody’s thoughts, dreams, goals, ambitions, money, etc – you get the point, will never be filled.  But approached with the right mind set, perhaps less can be better. Perhaps absolute perfection and completion is not always necessary.  Maybe a balanced approach, utilising as many experiences as possible, will show that a half glass can indeed be very full.
          Maybe it’s better to have lots of glasses that are only half full and be content with  A Full Half Glass
  •  It’s a way to keep a permanent record for anyone who follows who may be interested in finding out a little more about me.  Mainly it’s for the future generations who follow.  An online diary if you like. Finally, it’s a way to keep me honest with myself and on task.  I’ve always been a dreamer with grand ideas and poor completion rates.  My aim is to write a new post every day


My name is Mark Downey. I’m 50 years old, and I live in Everton Park, a suburb of Brisbane, Queensland, Australia with my wife, The Receptionist, an assortment of children (and their partners) who come and go and Missy the Wonderdog.  I am a GTWD (go to work dad), a registered nurse working in the community, and in the past have been a nursing teacher moulding eager minds.

This blog is my way of trying to record, understand and explain myself. An eclectic mix of social commentary, posts on my views about nursing, stories from my childhood, reviews and views. I’ll try to make it entertaining, funny and occasionally thought provoking.

I’d love one day to be a writer full time and this blog is an important way of developing my style and craft.

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated – good or bad.

Using the 10,000 hour rule where it takes that long to become very proficient I have a way to go. I hope you enjoy what you stumble upon and join me on my journey.




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