Around the House

People who know me, know that on a scale of 1 to 10, I’m about a 5 when it comes to doing things that require a handyman skill.  On a report card it might say something like

“Contributes when required to the task, but often gets distracted.  Can be enthusiastic when motivated but rarely sustains effort.  A more consistent effort will lead to better results.  Mark, often leaves unfinished projects: GRADE C -“

C-, that pretty accurately describes me when it comes to the handyman caper.  With my posts, I hope to record an improvement.  In the spirit of a Full Half Glass, I will continue to try to achieve as much as I can out of the limited ability I have – getting as much as I can out of that Half Glass

Audrey Hepburn has come to stay

Doona’s and BBQ’s

Early Morning Beach Walking followed by Tough Love Plant Care

From the Devil Experience to MAD

MISSY – The Great Dog Escapoligist

My Swimming Pool Mistress enlists the House Mafia

My Swimming Pool Mistress takes Revenge

No More Garage Sales – They stole Bambi

Oh Christmas Tree, oh Christmas Tree …

One final kick in the guts (knee) from the pool mistress

Thank God Beds aren’t Mirrors

Time to Cull the Breeding Tupperware

To give away to a good home – a garden to do with what you want

Swimming Pool Mistress

Revenge on the Whipper Snipper, another sad handyman tale


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