Friends, Family and other Stuff

Listed below are some of my favourite posts involving my Family, Friends and other bits and pieces of my life.  I hope you enjoy reading them and I’d love your feedback.

Don’t forget – Use what you have and achieve your life balance a full half glass at a time.

A Jigsaw Sunday

A Jolly Good Day

ANZAC Day 2013 – Patrick John Downey – QX39971

Bikini’s and Car Washing can make you sick

Caloundra Kite Surfing

Coolum Beach Getaway

Curry Night with Friends

Does your Family Name their Cars? Mine Does!!

End of an era – Marcellin College / Mt Maria Junior College – 1970 – 2012

Easter Sunday – BBQ breakfast and Eggs

Festival of Christmas – Part 1 – Breakfast and Santa

Festival of Christmas – Part 2 – Invasion of the Fletchers

Festival of Christmas – Part 3 – The Feast

Festival of Christmas – Part 4 – Gran’ma Joan takes centre stage

GG (Great Grandma) , Mar, The Garden Gnome and Me

Good Friday – Jesus V’s The Life of Brian

Haircut at Aldo’s – An old Fashioned Barber

Happy 18th Wedding Anniversary 

It’s Ok it’s only a torn Meniscus

I’ve got a secret but I can’t tell you

MISSY – The great dog escapologist

Photos, Memories, Tupperware and the Old School Tie

Photos, Memories, Tupperware and the Old School Tie – Part 2

Property Search and Hamburgers

Rainbows and Ginkgo

Ron’s 80th Birthday Cruise

Saturday BBQ with Great Friends

The Butterfly Effect

The last Hurrah … Granma Joan’s is Sold

The Sea was angry that day my Friends

The Unquestionable benefits of Reality TV

To be with my Family – Chris’s 30th Birthday

What’s wrong with these Undies

Vale George … Well, HELLOOOOO Champagne Sally

Weekend by the pool



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