Kamikaze Teppanyaki

As part of my 50th Birthday extravaganza, the Receptionist kidnapped me and together we embarked on a weekend of adventure, fun and activities on the Gold Coast.DSC_0812

After a leisurely morning, filled with delicious apple turnovers and a spot of shopping I was pleasantly surprised once I discovered that we were to be treated with a lunchtime filled with firsts as we were to dine at the Kamikaze Teppanyaki at Broadbeach.


I’ve never been to a Teppanyaki Bar before or eaten Japanese food so to be sitting in front of a very large Bar-B-Que where a very small man with what looked like paint scrappers and very sharp knives prepared out feast was an eye opening experience.DSC_0799

Now I don’t know if my expectations were clouded by what I had seen on TV where the chef with flair and a sense of daring do, slices, dices and then with a touch of theatre flicks the food into your waiting bowl, but this did not happen.

There was a show of sorts but it did appear quite muted. Sure there was a bit of Flambé of the steak and prawns and the odd spot of condiment juggling but our chef had an air of tired resignation about his performance. Maybe this was due to it being a Sunday Lunch and that apart from the Receptionist and myself there were only four other patrons present. Hopefully, it wasn’t because this was a Scoopon lunch deal. Not having been to a Teppanyaki bar before, I’ll reserve my judgement.DSC_0803DSC_0804

We had the kamikaze deluxe meal for two, which consisted of fillet steak, prawns, scallops, salmon & moreton bay bugs. This was served with teppan vegetables, steamed rice, a mixed green salad, miso soup and a ginger and sesame sauce.

The food itself was OK without being outstanding. Well, I think that’s the case because believe it or not this was the first time I’d ever eaten Scallops, Bugs Tail or seared Salmon. To me the seafood tasted quite bland and under seasoned. It was only when dipped into the flavoursome accompanying sauces that I started to enjoy it. The meat while cooked to my order of medium rare was quite tough and chewy and I suspect not a prime cut while the mixed vegetables were probably the highlight being bar-b-qued to a nice crisp consistency.DSC_0811

On the plus side the service was efficient and friendly and in another debut for the taste buds I had my first Japanese Beer, an Asahi, which I thoroughly enjoyed.DSC_0801

The verdict – a solid C+ for the Broadbeach Kamikaze Teppanyaki, but with room for improvement. I’ll most certainly give the whole Teppanyaki experience another shot and with this reference point in mind will be able to make a better and fairer comparison of the Kamikaze in the future, but at the moment the jury is out.

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