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After a very busy week visiting students at Kippa-ring and Bribie Island, a few jobs were starting to pile up around the house, so I decided that today was going to be a Super Saturday where I would knock off a few.  Being no better than a C+ handyman I am always  cautious and optimistic that I won’t encounter too many self initiated incompetencies but realistic to know better.  So after a quick coffee, it was time to get into it.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Walking into the back yard two jobs which needed immediate attention jumped out and grabbed me by the throat.  The first was to turn the jungle back into a lawn.  Well, grass at least, as the wet weather of the last few weeks had left it looking decidedly patchy.  Mowing the lawn is something I’m reasonably good at.  I mean how hard is it to push a lawnmower in a straightish line?OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

The second of the immediate jobs was to attend to the needs of my swimming pool mistress.  Being away from her, she had received very little attention and decided that she must be noticed.  Turning a vibrant shade of green certainly did the trick.  For this she received a generous dose of chlorine and the promise of a good massage vacumm once her complexion cleared up in a day or twoOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Next on the list was to fix the cold water tap in the main bathroom.  While I was away in Gladstone the week before, it had decided to go on strike. When turned on no water would flow from its spout, so Dr Me prescribed a new washer.  Normally a job like this is simple – turn of the water at the mains, remove the tap, unscrew the spindle and replace the washer, turn the mains back on.  All up maybe 10 minutes.

Not this time.  First of all I couldn’t find my toolbox.  It wasn’t where I left it, I swear, and no one else had used or seen it.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA  After a good while of walking in circles, occassionally bumping into things and quietly cursing the fact that Downey’s (Murphy’s) Law had finally realised what I was up to, I did the obvious thing and asked Michelle to “have a Mother’s look”.  Sure enough, within minutes, her suggestion of “have you looked in your car?” revealed the clever hiding place of my toolbox.  More proof of the fact that inanimate objects can when required move by themselves.  I can see no other explanation.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

With tools in hand I set about the task of removing the tap handle but alas could not for the life of me figure out how.  There was no obvious grub screw to remove, no blue stopper with the letter “C” to pop.  Fortunately, Maddi’s boyfriend Tom who is a dab hand in the handy man caper was within minutes able to remove the handle and expose the spindle.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA  By then Downey’s (Murphy’s) Law didn’t stand a chance as someone who actually knew what he was doing was, well, doing it.  Within minutes, but 30 minutes later than my original estimation the job was done.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Next job on the list was one of my favourites.  I got to get out the high pressure cleaner and “Gerni” off the patio and decks.  Is it just me or is there something primeval about a Man holding a hose in his hands and spraying the dirt and filth away from tiles?OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA  It’s not a hard job, doesn’t require a lot of time or effort but the result is a squeaky clean environment and a lot of satisfaction.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Several months ago we bought a new TV for our bedroom, but I’d never quite gotten around to connecting to the recorder.  As the new ratings season was rapidly approaching it was becoming increasing shuffled up the jobs to do priority listing.  We would be wanting to record a program and watch another and in its current configuration were unable to do so.  I know, first world problem, but a problem to solve regardless.

Generally speaking when it comes to configuring electronics I’m pretty good.  But this one had me stumped.  What should have worked didn’t work and it made no sense.  I’d worked out the logistics of how to connect the HDMI cable, the AV1 in and out signals of the set top box and recorder.  In reality it was quite simple, so could someone please tell my TV this.  For two and a half hours we did the cable shuffle.  First this way, then that way until finally we both agreed on the right way, which was of course right after finding that the HDMI cable had come apart at the connector.  In the end there were a few tears but I also feel as if I’ve made a new friend.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Finished off Super Saturday with a delicious BBQ steak and Caesar Salad following by watching Reservoir Dogs and Inglorious Bastards on DVD.  Nothing like the soothing images of a Tarantino Movie to the end the day.

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