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Why Isn’t Palliative Care Planned Like A Wedding

Life is full of exciting events. Conception. Birth. Christenings. Graduations. Weddings 18th/21st/40th/50th/etc Birthdays. Yet not as much thought or excitement is given to the ultimate destination event – Death. It should be. In many ways good, well thought out and

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Should A Nurse Provide Palliative Care For A Relative

Should a nurse provide palliative care for a relative? The answer is No. The answer is Yes. It’s taken me quite a while to formulate my thoughts on this topic. Four months ago my father in law died after a

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Is It OK for Old People To Show Emotions?

Imagine for a moment you’ve had a really shit day at work. Not that hard? Even in the best of jobs we’ve all had days when dealing with the stupidity of others can stretch even the most patient amongst us.

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CPR, NFR And Palliative Care

Earlier this week I received a question via my comments stream. It was in relation to an article that I wrote called To CPR or not to CPR – That is the Question. If you’d like to read the original post please

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