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It’s About Time Nurses Had A Patient Free Day

Those mighty souls in the teaching profession have it just about right. Several times a year they have a pupil free day where they have the opportunity for professional education / planning without the stress or burden of enlightening kiddies

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Palliative Care 101- A Simple Guide For Dying At Home

At some stage Bill Gates will die. Just in the last few years it has happened to Steve Jobs and Nelson Mandela. When Bill’s time comes, if his death is as the result of a chronic illness, he unlike the

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Should A Nurse Provide Palliative Care For A Relative

Should a nurse provide palliative care for a relative? The answer is No. The answer is Yes. It’s taken me quite a while to formulate my thoughts on this topic. Four months ago my father in law died after a

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What Exactly Makes Up Quality Nurse Education?

Every Friday on the ABC radio in Brisbane just after the 10:30 news a philosophical discussion takes place between the presenter Steve Austin and the online editor of ethics and religion for the ABC Scott Stevens. Around this time I’m

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