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Christmas Is A Time Of Real Danger In Nursing

Most sane clear thinking nurses will tell you that Christmas is a time of real danger. It doesn’t matter what field of nursing you work in everyone has unique challenges to deal with. Those in A & E see the

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Hey Nurses, be careful what you say, the patient is listening

If like me, you’ve got a few growth ring circles on your trunk and are a lot closer to the end than the start of your life’s journey, you might be old enough to remember those wonderful cartoon shows from

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Excuse me? Can you pick up my Vagina?

Some things you never forget. “Excuse me, can you pick up my Vagina?” will forever be etched into my mind as does the story that goes with it. At the time I was working as a Rehab nurse and one

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Why Doctors aren’t smart enough to be nurses

Do a Google search on this question and you won’t get one positive reply. You will get a lot ill informed rubbish looking at why Nurses weren’t smart enough to be doctors but no one is asking the question that’s

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