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Hervey Bay, Bundaberg, Caloundra Photos

This last week, I visited some of my Nursing Students in Hervey Bay, Bundy and Caloundra. Had a chance to take a few happy snaps … Hervey Bay Bundaberg Caloundra

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My Liver the Homing Pidgeon

We’ve all heard the stories. Dogs or cats who somehow find their way back home after becoming separated from the family.  Stories abound of torn and bleeding paws turning up and scratching at the kitchen door weeks after being given

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My favourite posts for March

Earlier this month I published my favourite posts for April.  Over the next couple of weeks, I’ll be retrospectively posting my favourite bits from FULLHALFGLASS for the months of December / January and February.  Today, however, I’m doing March. These posts

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Nursing Challenges – Care V’s Technology

It used to be that years ago the prime reason given why girls (and it was mainly girls) gravitated to the nursing field was a desire to care and look after sick people. Put bluntly, the academic prowess or achievements of the

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