The Lone Ranger – Reviewed

Hi Ho Silver, awayyyyyy …

As luck would have it the receptionist and I had the chance for sneaky little date afternoon and so took ourselves off to see The Lone Pirates of the Caribbean Alice in Wonderland Willy Wonka Ranger.

Now before anyone gets all huffy, I’m not about to bag Johnny Deep Depp. I loved him as Capt Jack Sparrow, Edward Scissorhands, etc and I’m quite impressed with his performance as Jack Tonto.


In many ways his was the saving performance in an otherwise forgettable ensemble of average actors. Helena Bonham Carter is excused from this as her role was tiny and I would have loved to have seen more of her. Perhaps in a sequel, but I doubt there will be one.

Surprisingly, given the previous commentary, I’m going to say that I quite enjoyed the movie as a whole. It fulfilled all the requirements of a Western – good triumphing over evil after it appeared midway that our hero’s had everything going against them and a nice tidy wrap up at the end.

The action sequences were superb, beautifully filmed and without none of the shaky camera shots so often favoured by Hollywood shot ’em up action movies! The moments of comedy sprinkled liberally throughout the film lifted the tone at just the right moments, reminding everyone that this was a film meant for enjoyment and not necessarily artist merit.



At a bit over 2 hours, I was worried that it might not have enough class to maintain its length, but the time actually flew by. I give it a solid B+. Well worth the effort of seeing for a couple of hours of good honest escapism, just don’t expect to go and see a traditional classic Western.

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