TWINTERVIEW – Karyn Buxman – Neurohumorist, Motivational Speaker


A Twinterview is based on the Twitter concept of limited conversation. All questions and answers are no longer than 140 characters and is capped at 7 questions. Dialogue is short and sharp – No waffle allowed!

The subject of today’s Twinterview is an in demand motivational speaker and is recognised as one of the world’s leading experts in the field of Neurohumor.  Karyn Buxman is a Registered Nurse, an Author and publishes the brilliant and funny Journal of Nursing Jocularity.

Her philosophy is summed up neatly on her website:  “My mission is to improve global health through laughter and help heal the humor impaired.” 

I first came across Karyn when searching You Tube for inspirational nursing video’s to share with my enrolled nursing students. Her’s came up number 1 in the search. To understand the concept behind the first question and to get a feel for the person who is Karyn, click on this link and watch the student Nurse Catheter story


FHG: The student catheter story resonates with nurses and lay people alike. Did the old women ever find her urethra? Does this story ever offend?

Karyn: Not heard folks c/o being offended but those not in HC can’t fully appreciate. Many nurses have shared similar stories. Some cry some laugh.

FHG: It can be a real balance using humor as a communication tool. You risk loosing the HC message in the laughs. Can you avoid this? Should You?

Karyn: Humor a VALUABLE communication tool! Keep in mind 1) right person 2) right environment 3) right time. This will < risk & > laffs. Practice!

FHG: Nurses use a lot humor. Sometimes black but also therapeutically necessary. Is there a trick to knowing the right time? Is it intuition?

Karyn: Dark #humor: Keep within confines of your peeps in a setting that won’t be overheard/misconstrued. During a crisis dark humor may fall flat.

FHG: Have you been to Australia? Would you like to come here & spread the humor message. When? Is there anyone is Aust doing similar work to you?

Karyn: Not there yet. Waiting for invite 😉 No nurses that I know of. @LetsLaughBron shares laughter, @amandagore_joy on joy. Would LOVE to visit!

FHG: Being a nurse can be tough & at times we all need a lift. Who / what tickles Karyn Buxman’s funny bone? Who inspires you when it gets hard?

Karyn: Cracks me up: @BigBang_CBS, @ORDailyQuote, @DavidSedaris & google “laughing babies” Inspires me: Jesus, Buddha, Esther Hicks, Anne Lamotte

Karyn: Also Pinterest, & when people, even total strangers, share their funny experiences w/ me. I have the funniest friends & husband on planet 🙂

FHG: Bit about you? Fav chill Zone, Pyjamas or Suit, Early 2 bed or Early 2 rise, Daily Show or Marx Bros, Tea or Coffee, Meat or Veg, Fun or Sin

Karyn: I live on Pacific ocean/LOVE the beach (instead of TV); tattered jeans; night owl; Coffee by day, red wine by nite; FUN/romance/chocolate

FHG: and finally – if you could give your 18yr old self 3 pieces of advice before your first day as a Nursing Student what would it be?

Karyn: 1) Have goals for self & aim HIGH. 2) Standup for yourself. Don’t let anyone intimidate or bully you. 3) Find the humor around you everyday.

FHG: Thanks for your time & great answers Karyn. I’ve learnt a lot! I’ll post this to my blog next week & let you know. Have a great day. Mark


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