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Butterfly-70x701That’s the tag line from Michelle Green’s wonderfully engaging website, selfconfidence101. Here Michelle speaks with experience and from the heart, and as a Certified Life Coach offers practical and useful advice along with insights into many of life’s challenges.

Recently, I had the opportunity to conduct a Twinterview with Michelle

FHG: Your website  describes you as a life coach. What advice would you give to young girls who may have self esteem issues

Michelle: I would start them off with setting small goals for themselves. Every little achievement goes a long way to building self esteem.
FHG: You have an excellent section on Goal Setting. Many people (me included) set goals – eg. New Years Eve but fail to follow through. Any Tips?
MichelleFind a way to keep yourself accountable. Eg. If you’re like me and know you need to exercise more, get yourself an “accountability buddy”.
FHG: Social media in all its guises has changed the way we communicate. Face – face has been replaced by fingers and screens. Good or bad? 

Michelle: A bit of both. For some it feels safer behind a screen – they feel freer to be themselves. Others hide behind the screen -This isn’t so good

FHG: With that in mind, do you think making personal development, communication & etiquette compulsory school subjects would be of benefit

Michelle: Only one word needed for this one: DEFINITELY!!!!!

FHG: Alright, who do we contact to start the revolution! Years ago a man named Bert Weir changed my life. Has anyone inspired you – a hero?
Michelle: Two main people. Bob Proctor introduced me to a new way of thinking. And my good friend Nik Halik inspired me to do something with my life.
FHG: Looking through your section on dating and relationships, you’ve had your share of ups and downs. Any advice for young ones starting off? 

Michelle: Don’t fall for one’s potential. Instead, focus on what’s in front of you. If it feels good, stay. If it feels bad, walk away.

FHG: Just 2 more questions Michelle

FHG: There is a lot of positivity which flows through your writing. At times we all have “blue period” How do you maintain your positive outlook?

Michelle: When I’m feeling down I dig out my gratitude journal and I write down at least 5 things I’m grateful for right now. Helps shift focus!

FHG: and finally … A little bit about you? Favourite food? Early to bed or early to wake? Meat or Veg? Favourite chill out place? Flanny PJ’s or Cocktail dress

Michelle: Food: Crumbed lamb cutlets w/tomato sauce. Late to bed/Early to rise. Meat AND veg! By the water to chill. Don’t own flanny, so dress it is!

FHG:Thanks for your generous participation. M

Michelle: And thank YOU very much! I quite enjoyed all that! 🙂
If there is anyone you think that might be a great Twinterviewee, drop me a line. Maybe it’s you.
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