Words that are exactly as they sound

I’ve often thought what a clever lot we humans are. Over the preceding several or more millenniums we have developed a complex system whereby air is expelled over our voice box and sounds emerge that others of our species can understand and appreciate. Words. But where did they come from? How does one come up with something that wasn’t there before and it is accepted by all as being correct. Who decided that Dog referred to, well … a dog?

Right, now hang on there princess, don’t leave me just yet because the deep and meaningful exchange of above is about to become somewhat more shallow in the most superficial of senses.

I want to give you a list of 5 words that transcend discussion of their origin. Why? Because these words sound exactly the same as what they are describing. Apologies in advance – given my nursing background most are associated with body parts or functions

FART – Say it loud and say it proud! With the emphasis on the FFFFF and an elongation of the arttttttt, the word Fart clearly and accurately described the body function of expelling air from the bottom. And the beauty of the word Fart is that simply softening the volume or changing the pitch of the tone, allows the one word to cater for the vast range of farts. From silent but deadlies to Hark the Herald angels sing, it’s an all purpose word, ready for any occassion.

SPEW – Another bodily function word which accurately and clearly described the state of rapidily up chucking from the stomach. Does not quite have the same vocal variations as Fart, since spewing only happens at one speed, but never the less can proudly stand in this list.

SPIT – A close relative of spew, the ‘T’ on the end serves as a clear punctuation mark to indicate a one time launch of a luger from the mouth. Popular amongst teenager boys and sportsman alike.

KNOB – I think it’s the rounded tone of the B which associates the word knob with the circular pulling device so favoured as an attachment to the front of drawers, closets and men. Closely related is the word BOOB – the roundness of the letters coupled with the symmetry of the word itself conjure in the mind only one possible image.

BLINK – Go on say the word out loud and try not to blink. Maybe you can, maybe you can’t. Extrapolated out and you get the word Blinker, which is used to describe what your car does before it turns. The sound of the word and the action are exactly the same – Blin ker, Blin ker, Blin ker, Blin Ker.  Try it next time you’re in the car. Bet I’m right.

Can you think of any other words that sound exactly like there action? If you can, please let me know.

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